They Say It's Your Birthday

Today is the fiftieth birthday of our favorite CHS rock star, Mr. Christopher Ortiz. He grew up, got a good job, has a lovely family — but he still hits the stage and rocks out on the occasional weekend. Wish Chris a HAPPY BIRTHDAY in the comments box.

We're glad it's your birthday, Chris. Happy birthday to you!

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Beth said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHRIS!!! Hope you have a fabulous fiftieth!

Gwynne said...

Happy Birthday to YOU! I've known
you since elementary school, who thought we'd still be in touch as we
turn 50 years old.
Have a great day, hope to still see
you tomorrow evening.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Chris! Welcome to the club! It aint all that bad, plus there isnt anything we can do about it!

Nancy Godwin Hamby

Anonymous said...

Happy happy Birthday Chris! I truly believe the best is yet to be.

Have a great day!

Janice Kirkland Balte

Janet Barentine said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope that you have a wonderful 50th birthday. Enjoy!!!

Greg Halleck said...

Allow me to begin by saying that I truly believe that EVEYTHING I know about the really important music in my life I learned from...your brother MIKE! YOU SUCK!

Ha! You know I be jivin' my "homeboy' Dude, I love you! You and I have had times over the years that no one will ever no. God, the music, Don Kirchner's Rock Concert, and the time we hitch hicked to Cumberland Mall to buy the two Mahgony Rush albums after seeing Frank Marino on this particular show. The Midnight Special. Hearing you sing the enitre Yes Fragile albumn one night when you were drunk. The dark, dark day, when someone stole your Rickenbacker Bass! My dinner on your holly bushes.

I could write a novella, and probably will one day.

I have been privileged to know you since the 5th grade (ms. Barnes, wonder what happened to her?) and hope to know you until at least three days after I am put in the GROUND!

Happy Birthday Man!

Rock on Freaky Bro! (hey, is that the hum of a amplifier I hear warming up?)

Greg Halleck said...

Chris, just to clarify one line of my message to you, I did indeed misuse the word "No" , as in you and I had times over the years that folks will never NO (meaning in part, they will never have these experiences'-NO!)

I probably mispelled amplifier because I am a idiot.

H.B. Dude.


David Christian said...

He's old enough to know what's right
But young enough not to choose it.

Enjoy the Ortiz half century.

David McIntosh said...

Happy Birthday Chris! I would have remembered your birthday even without the reminder. For some reason I just remembered it was 12 days after mine. But, I can't remember what I had for breakfast. Welcome to the fifty club "old man."That's what all the kids call me at work.

Rosemary said...

Happy 50th Birthday Chris. Hope you enjoyed your day.

Mike Eason said...

Happy birthday!!

Mark Harris said...

Happy Birthday, Chris! You're a few cars ahead of me on the roller coaster, and I don't hear any screaming. So either it's a lame roller coaster or you are mute with the awe of being 50!

Lorraine said...

Happy Belated Birthday Chris!
Still Rockin, huh?!

And it is a good thing you and Greg are such great friends after what he wrote about your music!!

Oh boy, those high school days could get you in big trouble (ha-ha)?!!


William Beverly said...

Happy Belated Bday.... Chris.... I hope all is well with you and your family.