Happy 50th, Jeannine!

We're celebrating another milestone here at Fifty '77: Jeannine Roush Smith turns fifty today!

Wish our girl well on this auspicious day. Hopefully, we'll share a beer with Jeannine in a few months.

p.s. Don't forget to send us your birthday if you want to be included on the navbar. E-mail us or leave your birthday in the comment box.

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Beth said...

Hope you have a fun, lovely, entertaining birthday, Jeannine!

Janice said...

Welcome to the 50's. So far, it's not that bad.
I hope you have a great birthday.

Janice Kirkland Balte

Nancy Godwin Hamby said...

Jeannine! Happy Birthday! I have only been there for 2 days so I say its okay so far but can you freaking believe we are 50??!!!
Have a great day!
Nancy Godwin Hamby

Janet Barentine said...

Happy Birthday Jeannine!!! Have a wonderful day and best wishes in the coming year.
A virtual toast to you until we can all get together and toast each other.

Gregory Halleck said...

Jeannine! Its easy just close your eyes, raise your arms, and let MIDDLE AGE wash all over you. I have been asked what it is like to now be officially middle aged. I answer, "I havent fallen into middle age, I have only just stepped in IT!" Ha! My only truly helpful word of advice is BEER!

Happy Birthday, welcome to the fold.

Mark Harris said...

Jeannine, revel in your ascendancy! We late Boomers (Generation Jones) have had it pretty good, and we should have many fulfilling years ahead. Happy Birthday!