Let's Get This Party Started!

We’re trying to nail down details this week. First, though, we need a rough head count to help us select the venue and put together our budget.

So …

On the navbar is a new poll. Not coming? Click 0. Plan to come alone? Click 1. If you’re bringing a date or spouse (sorry, but we can’t allow both), click 2.

This is a rough count, not an RSVP, so you won’t be held to your click. In fact, we can’t trace who clicks what. But the results will help us determine the size room we need.

BTW, the party date you selected on the last poll was June 27. Most places are booked for weddings that weekend, but we have some ideas up our planning sleeves. We hope to confirm that date and the place next week.

And …

We have a healthy e-mail list at the moment, about a third of our class. Many of you, however, haven’t sent us an e-mail, so we’re not sure if all of you are getting these messages. If you haven’t replied, could you e-mail us to let us know you’re getting the e-mails and you’re interested?

BTW ...

We pulled the announcement from Classmates.com since we haven't been able to confirm June 27 as the party date. We're still planning to throw this bash, even if we have to reschedule it. We'll let you know as soon as possible if we have to change the date.

Finally …

Let us know if you have information on anyone listed as missing.

* * * * * *

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