Happy 50th, Nancy and Greg!

We're celebrating TWO fiftieth birthdays today:

Nancy Godwin Hamby

Greg Halleck

Grab a glass of champagne and toast the youngsters. And leave them your birthday wishes in the comment box.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Nancy and Greg!

p.s. In case you missed it, on the navbar are some of our classmates' birthdays. Want your birthday listed? E-mail us or leave it in the comment box.

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Fishman77 said...

Happy Half Century Nancy & Greg. Many more!

Janice said...

Happy Happy Birthday Nancy and Greg! I've been told the best is yet to be!

Beth said...

Happy birthday, Nancy and Greg!!! You don't look it ... I hope you don't feel it ... and I'm looking forward to celebrating it!

Rosemary Grooms said...

Happy Birthday Nancy & Greg. It's great to have a couple others in the class join the ranks of being a half of a century. It's fun.

Gwynne said...

Happy Birthday to the Capricorns,
Greg & Nancy, I hope this finds you
celebrating with delight!

Janet Barentine said...

Happy Birthday Nancy!!
Happy Birthday Greg!!
Best wishes for a fantastic year.
Have a wonderful day.
I toast the two of you on this your special day.

Mark Harris said...

Happy Birthday, Nancy and Greg!

Bruce Smith said...

Happy birthday Nancy and Greg.
Many happy returns