Seriously? Y’all don’t want a party?

Beth is worried since we haven’t heard from many of y’all. I got her roped into this (well, chained, actually) because I never heard about any of the reunions — and I’d like to see everyone, dammit.

I’ve recently reconnected with a few folks from my CHS past, and it’s been a helluva lot of fun catching up. I haven’t seen most of these people in more than twenty-five years, but it felt like I saw them last week. That’s why we're eager to throw this birthday bash. Who knows how many of us have shared the same experiences or have the same interests — or who just wants to share a beer or seven with us?

Let’s get this party rolling! Leave a comment to this post if you want to go to our fiftieth birthday party.

One more thing: Phillip Barge suggested listing everyone’s birthday so we can toast each of us on as we cross the milestone. [I hit the 5-0 this Wednesday — and I want some drinking in my honor!] Want your birthday listed on this here blog? E-mail us at the Yahoo address, which you can find by clicking that profile link to the right. [We’re trying not to publish the actual address on the home page so the spammers don’t start pestering us. Because they will.]

Finally, forward the link to this blog to anyone from our class you’re talking to. We want to track down everyone we can.

Posted by Greg Halleck

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Pat Burke said...

aint skeered - 3/15/59

Pat Burke

Phillip Barge said...

Happy Birthday Greg, I will drink one in your honor, and i will see you at the PARTY!
Phillip Barge 10/04/59

Janice said...

I'm ahead of you guys, even you Greg!

Janice Kirkland Balte 12/24/58

Rosemary Grooms said...

We are off to a slow start for this party, maybe that's because some are turning 50 and for the some others we have already turned 50. Let's get this party rolling.

Shawn said...

Gee if I start drinking now for everyone else's birthday I'm gonna be pretty skewered by the time mine comes around..........07/08/59

I'm starting to feel better about this aging thing already!


Beth said...

Yo, Shawn — we don't have contact information on you. Mind e-mailing the class address at chs.fifty77 -AT- yahoo.com?

Lucky dog, living in Athens ...

David Christian said...

I would love to attend a party of CHS geezers. I am younger than most of you folks. 8-25-59

Allen Smith said...

I currently work for Dell as a contractor traveling around installing new equipment. This week I'm at Microsoft in Santa Clara, CA (Silicon Valley). Anyway, I'll toast the B'days as they appear regardless of where I am. Remember me on 12-27.

Anonymous said...

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