UPDATED: Missing in Action

Two weeks until the party! We still have time to track down those for whom we don't have contact information. Here's the updated list. Do you have information on any of those listed? If so, e-mail us with the contact information.

Kelly Adams
Steve Adams
Carol Akerman
Dana Allen Cowart
Cindy Allison
Jo-Jean Anderson
Karen Anderson
Beth Bailey
Laura Baldwin Lloyd
Greg Barnes
Kim Batten
Suzy Beaver
Dan Beckman
Samantha Belisario
Rusty Bennett
Janice Best
Mark Bishop
Philip Blalock
Marcia Bramblett
John Breletic
Rita Brocker
Stacey Burley Moore
Donna Byers
Stanley Camp
Tracey Carder
Kim Carter
Tim Carter
Vicki Catron
Grace Chang
Cheri Clackler Tolbert
Gerard Clarke
Michelle Colwell
Anthony Contrada
Ricky Cook
David Crowe
Penny Dale
Julie Darnell Conner
David Decker
Terry Decker
Dan DeHaas
Debbie Delozier
Sonya DeWine Sutherland
Susannah Dobbs
Julie Dungan
Ty England
Greg Farmer
Wayne Farris
Robert Ferguson
Stacey Ferguson
Daryl Fincher
Mark Flanagan
Carl Fuqua
Gary Gilbert
Gay Gilmer
Mitch Gloyd
Susan Godwin
Pam Gore
Ricky Gower
Janet Hair
Scott Haney
Nancy Harris
Robert Harris
Mark Hartness
Theresa Harvil
John Hildebrandt
Gordy Hill
Patricia Hill
Pat Hines
Jerry Hite
Christina Holcomb
Julie Holsenbeck
Linda Hopkins Exum
Allen Horne
Brian Horton
Kathy Howard
Tom Howard
Bruce Huitt
Sherry Hurt
Sheffield Hussey
Elsie Hydrick Hall
Lauren Jernigan Pate
Michael Johnson
Mike Johnson
David Jones
George Keen
Mark Kell
Cynthia Kennedy
Robbie Knight
Curtis Landers
Lee Landers
Alisa Langley
Kerry Lathem Price
Mike Lee
Tim Leffew
Ray Leonardi
David Llewellyn
Jimmy Locklear
Eddie Lopez
Debra Love
Steve Love
Curtis Mackey
Jean Phillipe Mannin
Larry Marks
Bruce Mattox
Cindy May
Janet McClendon O'Hare
Marty McCorkle
Patti McCormack Barton
Lisa McCray
Cindy McDaris Querry
Pam McDonald
Mark McDowell
Bruce McDuff
Anne McGee Koenke
Rene McKneely Perry
James Merkerson
David Meyer
Phyllis Miles
Gail Miller
Robert Mills
Carolyn Mitchell
Dale Morgan
Micki Murphy Lattanzi
Chandra Murray
Anthony Norton
Sherry Norton
Daryl O'Connor Bray
Gail O'Galvin
Kay O'Shields Rowe
Chris Pannell
Eddie Peek
Jan Peek Kidd
Tammie Pendley
Stuart Pennington
Sheila Peppers
Julie Perry
Phil Perry
Walter Pike
Rebekah Pledger
Pat Ponder
Gina Powers
Karen Prickett
Lee Pritchett
Andy Proctor
Ginger Puckett
Larry Quattlebaum
Johnny Querry
Lee Rawlins
Larry Reynolds
Cindy Roan
Sue Rodatus Graff
Mary Rodgers
Don Ruff
Ken Rushton
Per Sahlstrom
Sonya Sailors
Danny Saknini
Rick Sands
Sherry Shadix
Raju Shah
Laurie Shelander Lawrence
Eddie Shipman
Glenn Smith
Rebecca Smith
Tony Smith
Cheryl Specht
Will Stevenson
Mark Stewart
Tom Stewart
Chris Strickland
Steve Sunday
Chuck Swofford
Lindy Tackett
Cynthia Taylor
Leigh Taylor
Mike Taylor
Sherree Taylor
Mike Thacker
Jeff Thomas
Elaine Tillery
Karl Trautman
Suzanne Ware
Lydia Warner
Cheryl Warren Cates
Ronnie Warren
Troy Wells
Karen Wheeler Brand
Terri White
Robert Wilkerson
Randy Williams
Glen Williamson
Marie Wilson
Debbie Wood
Keith Woodring
Lennie Woodward
Betty Jean Woodyard McGraw
Alan Wright
Greg Wright
Selena Wright
Vickie Wyatt
Barbara Young
Keith Zimmerman
Tammy Zimmerman

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brad said...

Our dear friend Dennis Hardigree has passed away.

brad said...

Wayne Farris owns Atlas Piers and you can try and contact him that way though atlaspiers.com

Anonymous said...

You can probably find Phil Perry and Rusty Bennett through Rheinhardt Zaphe. Sandra Chandler should know how to contact Reinhardt, as his wife was her college roommate.

Anonymous said...

Mitch Gloyd used to be on classmates.com. STill might be.

Shawn said...

I see Rusty Bennett's sister once in awhile. She tells me that he, Lindy Tackett, Adrian Gibson, and Phil Perry are going to Mexico sometime soon. I'll see if I can procure an e-mail address or something.

Anonymous said...

It was my error.