Two-for-one Birthday Wishes

How perfect that we have two birthdays on Valentine's Day. Welcome to fifty, Elizabeth and Allen! We hope you two are dancing and twirling away this big birthday.

Elizabeth Boggs Garvin

Allen Wencl

Grab some champagne and toast these two youngsters as they start their next decade. We're all going there this year!

E-mail us if you'd like your birthday listed and celebrated.

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Beth said...

Happy birthdays, Allen and Elizabeth! I hope you have deliciously decadent celebrations planned. See y'all in June.

Janet Barentine said...

Happy Birthday Allen!!
Happy Birthday Elizabeth!!
Have a wonderful fun filled day on this your special day.
A toast to the two of you for your 50th birthday.

Rosemary said...

Happy Birthday Allen and Happy Birthday Elizabeth. Welcome to 50. Have a great day.

Bernie Wood said...

hahahahahahhhaaaha youre 50. woooooo imagine that happy bday your uncle bernie or your aunt berniece which ever works

Mark Harris said...

Allen -- Happy Birthday!

Mark Harris said...

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!

Janice said...

Happy belated Birthday Elizabeth and Allen! Welcome to the 50's!

nosaE ekiM said...

.uoy fo htob ot youyadhtriB detaleB yppaH

Lorraine said...

Hi Allen & Elizabeth,
I am playing catch up with the Happy Birthday wishes,
So Happy Belated Birthday!

Thanks for always being the kind helpful person that you were in school - I remember your help in a particular class!

Lorraine Pigott