Fifty and Fabulous!

Grab your party blowers and scream "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" to our newest member of the Fifty and Fabulous Club: CINDY McDARIS QUERRY. No doubt our classmate (and Cindy's husband) Johnny Querry is spoiling the girl rotten today.

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David Christian said...

Happy Birthday and best wishes to you and your fly tying husband. Have a great day.

Beth said...

Have a lovely birthday, Cindy! Looking forward to seeing you and Johnny this June.

Mike Eason said...

Happy Birthday!

I see Johnny doesn't turn 50 until August. Please tell him I too am married to a slightly old(er) woman and it's not so bad. :-)

Janet Barentine said...

Happy Birthday Cindy!! Have a fantastic day. Best wishes always!!
A toast to you on this very special birthday!!!

Mark Harris said...

Cindy, Happy Birthday! AARP welcomes you!

Gwynne said...

Happy 50th Birthday, Cindy!
We've grew up on Carolyn Dr together,
who would ever believe we'd have contact in our golden years! Will be great to see you and Johnny again this summer.
Hope you are enjoying your celebration of life!
Gwynne Knap

BJ said...

Happy Birthday from another Carolyn Drive friend -- I recall hearing that my dad and your parents saw each other in the not too distant past and sounded like life was good for all!

Hope you had a great day and all continues to be well with you and your family!

(Betty Jean Woodyard)

Lorraine said...

Hey Cindy!!

Happy Birthday young lady ( I hit 50 before you so I can call you young lady!!)

I hope you and Johnny are doing well!

Give your Mom and Dad a hug for me next time you see them.

We need to play catch up on what our families' are doing!

Love ya,

Lorraine Pigott