Making Fifty Look Good

Why worry about fifty when it looks this good? Happy birthday, Micki Murphy Lattanzi! Hope you're spoiled rotten on this spring Friday.

BTW, If you don't see your birthday listed on the navbar and want some blog love on your special day, e-mail your special day today.

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Beth said...

Micki, I'll click a champagne glass in your honor today. Happy birthday!

Gwynne said...

Happy 50th, Micki! Hope you celebrate with glee!

Janet Barentine said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Micki!!! Hope that you have a fun filled and very enjoyable day.
A toast to you on this your very special day!!!

BJ (Betty Jean) said...

Happy Birthday Micki!!! Make it a birthday weekend and enjoy every moment! Best wishes to you.

Mike Eason said...

Happy Birthday Micki! Did you know we are related? Toby's wife, Kena, is my first cousin once removed!

Lorraine said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Micki!

Lorraine Pigott