Fifty Looks Adorable, Too

Happy birthday to Marcia Henson Akins, our latest fifty cutie. Marcia, hope you enjoy a Saturday filled with attention and prezzies!

p.s. Don't forget to send us your birthday if you want to be included on the navbar. E-mail us or leave your birthday in the comment box.

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Mark Harris said...

Marcia, Welcome to the half-century club! Doesn't that make you feel great? It should.

Beth said...

Hope you have a lovely birthday today, Marcia!

Gwynne said...

Happy Birthday, Marcia! Hope you are celebrating in a big way to honor your life today! Best wishes.

BJ (Betty Jean) said...


Hope this big day finds you happy, healthy and loving life! Have a happy birthday and wonderful year!

Mike Eason said...

Happy Birthday Marcia!! Long, long time since Brown Elementary, eh?

David Christian said...

Happy 50th Marcia. Hope your day was amazing.

Janet Barentine said...

(sorry to be late was in woods with no internet yesterday, but I sent you a mental wish)
To my Best Friend through school. Marcia, I hope that your day was sooooo AWESOME!!! I wish for you in the years to come lots of love, health and happiness. Hard to believe that we are at this major crossroad. Look forward to seeing you in June.
Love you!!!

Lorraine said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Marcia.