Nifty Fifty

The birthdays keep coming! Today we're celebrating TED DECKER's fiftieth!

But he looks so young! One last round of "Happy Birthday" for March, kids.

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Beth said...

Welcome to fifty, Ted! I'm an old hat, having been fifty now for six days -- and it's great. Enjoy your day!

Janet Barentine said...

Happy Birthday Ted!! Have a great day....Enjoy all that fifty has to offer you.
A toast to you on your special day!! Hope to see you in June.

Gwynne said...

Happy Birthday, Ted!
Enjoy your celebration. Hope your
day is special.

Rosemary said...

Happy Birthday Ted. Enjoy your day and many more to come.

Lorraine said...

Happy Birthday Ted!!


Mike Eason said...

Happy birthday Mr. Decker!!

Mark Harris said...

Ted, I hope your day is outstanding!