Fifty Is the New Thirty

Or so I’ve been telling myself the last year. Today is your blog administrator’s fiftieth birthday — and it feels damn good, better than when I turned forty. However, I’ve been fifty for just two minutes, so maybe that’s a question to ask me in September.

Beth Coffey, looking a bit younger in 1977

Happy birthday to me! If you find yourself inside the perimeter near Cabbagetown and Little Five Points tonight, stop by my cocktailed celebration!

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Gwynne said...

Happy, happy 50th, Beth. I love your
attitude and original sense of humor.
You are the perfect example of fifty
being the new thirty-youthful appearance and the drive to enjoy life to the fullest. I am grateful to be friends with you again and look forward to celebrating with you in person soon. Sending you much
joy! Gwynne

Janice said...

Happy Birthday Beth! You're the best 50 I know. Enjoy your day, as I know you will and celebrate all day long!

Shawn said...

Hey Girl! Happpy 50! I guess this proves that it comes to all of us sooner or later. "Lust for life and backflip through each day"


Renae said...

WOOOHOOOO!!! Congratulations on successful completion of 50 years!!!!

Of course, we've known each other for many more than that so we know that this is third generation of 50!!!

Love you mucho mucho!

hugs kisses cheers and elbows,


Rosemary said...

You are fabulous girl... Happy Birthday Beth, Celebrate, party, enjoy your day all day long. Heck, make it last the rest of the month.

Janet Barentine said...

To the most "Up Beat" girl from the Class of '77. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
Go out and live it LARGELY all day long....
I lift my glass and Cheer your special day. Until we can meet to celebrate this Cheer!!

garry harvil said...

Well Well Well your 50 before me sweet! i always did like older women wink wink lol Your a sweet girl Beth and alot of fun too. (Dang seems like im writing in your annual) Thank you for doing this blog its a great idea and way to see who all is out there.I hope you have a wonderful day! Sorry i wont be in Cabbagetown tonight but i will raise my glass and toast you on your very special day.Happy Birth Beth

BJ (Betty Jean) said...

Happy Birthday Beth! You've got me believing that turning 50 will be fun! You're a great example of making the most of every day - today is YOUR day so go above and beyond and ENJOY every second!

Julie said...

Yay! It's party time! Celebrate yourself big time! Yep, I'm thinking "this party" will last at least a month, or maybe straight through to June! We all know you'll do it up right!

Beth I do hope this will be your best birthday ever...you deserve it! Have fun!


Sherri Rightnowar Bock said...

You are living Life to the Fullest!! Happy Birthday!!!
And you are correct 50 is the new 30!!
Wishing you a great day and a better tomorrow;)

Mike Eason said...

Hatty Barkdate, nooo, Hakki Borkday, no, no, wait a sec, I'll get it right, Sappy Sarthday, dang it, you know what I mean. Have a good one!

David Christian said...

Had to show up fashionably late, cause you know that's what I am all about. Hope your 50th was blog worthy. I know you rocked it hard.

Lorraine said...

Happy 50-30th Birthday Beth!!

You are looking and doing great!!
Hope you had fun at your cocktail celebration. If I wasn't so slow with reading emails lately, I would have stopped by for a toast!!


Mark Harris said...

Beth! Welcome to AARP. I got a head start since Deb, my wife, is two years older. Did you know the articles are designed to be just the right length for bathroom reading? Fascinating stuff -- all those pharmaceutical ads.

Belated Happy Birthday (week)