Didn't Get Your Fill of Reunioning?

You have another chance to see some of your '77 classmates next Friday -- bass extraordinaire CHRIS ORTIZ (oh, yeah, and his band, Mojo Beaucoup) is playing at Trilogy in East Cobb:

    (behind Parkaire Mall)
    Friday, July 10
    9 p.m.-midnight

Come out to support Chris -- and to finish those conversations you left midsentence Saturday night.

Speaking of Saturday night, the planning committee is setting up a Flickr account to display photos from the soiree. If you'd like to share your photos on this Flickr page, e-mail Beth Coffey. You non-Facebook classmates need to sign up. Many photos are floating around.

Finally, once the planning committee catches her breath, we'll catch up on the missed birthday celebrations and get back to celebrating everyone's fiftieth on schedule.

* * * * * *

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