A Double Dose of Cuties

Two CHS cuties turn fifty today: Tina Hill Wetherford and Janet McClendon O'Hare. Wish our girls HAPPY BIRTHDAY as they join the club.

p.s. Don't forget to send us your birthday if you want to be included on the navbar. E-mail us or leave your birthday in the comment box.

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Beth said...

Happy birthday, girls, and welcome to the club. So far, fifty has been fabulous.

Looking forward to seeing y'all June 27!

David Christian said...

Happy birthday to 2 very nice ladies. Enjoy your big day.

BJ (Betty Jean) said...

Happy Birthday Tina & Janet!

Hope you both have a wonderful day! Wow - been awhile since we were all at band & drill team camp together! What memories!

Enjoy your day and have a great year!

Mike Eason said...

Happy Birthday!!

Janet Barentine said...

Happy Birthday Tina!!
Happy Birthday Janet!!
Hope that your day was GREAT and that the coming year will be awesome.
A toast to you as turn 50!!

Mark Harris said...

Janet and Tina,

Welcome to 50! I've been here 5 days and it's not bad.